Move Your Glass Away from the Edge!

Key Verse: 2 Corinthians 5:9, “Wherefore we labour, that, whether present or absent, we may be accepted of him.” 

Thought to Glow: Staying close to God and away from the edge is the place to find real joy and satisfaction

Passage: Psalm 16

As a child, I would often push the boundaries and see what I could get away with. I can still recall my mom telling me to move my glass away from the edge of the table. I would take a sip and purposefully keep my glass right on the edge of the table. Soon enough, I forgot my cup was there and knocked it off the table, spilling my drink and breaking the glass. The discipline I received will not soon be forgotten. Such is the life of someone who wants to “live on the edge.”

Dropping the glass was not really a big problem; a little clean-up and it’s fixed. Life isn’t so simple and far more serious with consequences lasting much longer. 

We live our life on the edge when we purpose in our hearts to disobey our God-given authorities or see how close we can come to sin without going over the edge. Attitudes, such as these, are childish and wrong. One should never ask, “How close to sin can I live and still be okay?” God wants us completely away from sin and close to Him. A good question to ask is not, “How does this activity NOT please God.” Instead, ask, “How DOES this please God.” Our lives are to glorify and please God (Rev 4:11). We do this by living for Him, completely yielded to His will and purpose. Only then will we find real joy and satisfaction in life (Ps 16:11). Today, get away from the edge and get close to God.