Building on the Rock

It is a fantastic time to be alive and serve Jesus Christ. God has placed you here at this time, in this place, at this moment in history with all that is going on in our world for His glory and His purpose. He has a plan and His plan is working right now as we meet together.
And, my friends, He is worthy for us to get on board with His plan and to allow Him to accomplish His will in our lives. As we look at our passage of Scripture this morning, I want you to know there is no greater joy in life than to walk in the truth of Jesus Christ and fulfill His will for you. When you come to place in your life when you yield completely to His control and accept Him as Lord, you will find joy unspeakable, peace beyond measure and grace for all situations.
I believe it is very important to use the correct tools and correct products to build with. This series, Building on the Rock takes the analogy of building and weaves it into the building or fashioning of our lives. The ultimate goal of every believer is to be conformed into the image of Jesus Christ, which brings glory to God. How do we accomplish this practically day by day? What tools to we use? This series will help us know the tools and the right products. Because, after all, you can use the wring ones. I believe no one sets out to develop a poor product, but often times because we aren’t careful to maintain the right focus, we lose sight of what we are using and the end results are not always the best.