Breaking The Bonds

Our enemy, the devil, has been very good at causing God’s children to live in bondage to a variety of items, from fear, worry, and anxiety, to anger and depression, to lying, theft, gossip, and more. These bonds hold us back from being who God desires us to be. As a result, we don’t live the life God says we have in Him.  For some, the bonds in which they live define them. It is who they are and they are scared to break through them. Others believe there is no hope of change.

To those living with this mindset, God desires so much more for you. He desires only your best. He desires to mold you and make you into the image of His precious Son, Jesus Christ. He seeks to create in you a clean heart, renewed and reformed in beauty.  Over the next few months, our journey will not be easy, but if you are willing to come with an open heart, desiring to grow in Christ, and allow God to work in you, you will be changed. God’s Word is powerful; it is sharper than any two-edged sword, diving asunder, and pierces our hearts. Christ will change us.