Michael Troester

Michael Troester grew up the fourth son of five boys in New England.  Throughout Michael’s life, his dad served as a pastor, choir director, Sunday school superintendent, and assisted various churches with pulpit supply.  The Troester policy was when the doors were open they were in attendance.  The boys were taught to seek to serve the Lord in whatever they became involved in.

At an early age Michael knew salvation was more than being good and going to church, one night at the age of five he got it settled.

Michael recalls, “I knew I was not going to heaven and Mom told me I could get out of bed and go talk to her about how I could know for sure I was going to heaven.  The lights were turned off and as I lay in the dark I knew I wanted to become part of God’s family.  That night I left the darkness of my room to find my mom in the living room where we sat next to a lamp and she opened God’s Word illuminating my heart with the verses that spoke of my sin and Christ’s death on the cross that took the place of my punishment, allowing me to have peace with God. I called upon the name of the Lord and was saved!  I was no longer under the wrath of God but a new creature in Christ.  Later, as I returned to the darkness of my bedroom, I knew the darkness of my heart was gone as I was now washed in the blood of the Savior.”

At the age of eleven, the church they were attending held a baptismal service in a local indoor swimming pool, Michael followed the Lord in believer’s baptism.

Throughout Michael’s teen years he assisted in the various ministries presented by Child Evangelism Fellowship.  After high school Michael became employed with a building contractor.  Following a year off of school, Michael enrolled in Ambassador Baptist College.  Michael met Christie, his wife, while in college.  After graduating and getting married, Michael and Christie lived in Maine where Michael continued his employment with the building contractor.
They first visited Mount Vernon Baptist Temple while spending Christmas with Christie’s family.  A few months later Michael was offered a position as a teacher at Temple Christian Academy.  Later that year, in September of 2012 he moved his wife and two-week-old baby to Ohio to join the ministry of the Mount Vernon Baptist Temple.  After two years of teaching his role has transitioned into assisting in various ministry aspects of the church.  Michael and Christie currently have three boys, Jedidiah, Evan, and Levi.