Worshiping Christ with His People

Worship is the act of loving and responding to God! Through the heart-warming, conservative music and the clear Bible teaching and preaching in our services, your heart will be inspired to truly worship the Lord. Each week, families are strengthened, encouraged, and drawn closer to Him through these special times together. Each service is carefully planned and prayed over so that God may work in your life!

Weekly Services

Sunday School – 9AM

Adults, teens and children are offered Bible studies that are designed for their needs.

Sunday Morning Worship – 10AM

These services combine the Word of God boldly preached with choral and congregational singing designed to turn your heart toward God.  This is our main worship service.

Sunday Evening Service – 5PM

This service gives you one more chance to recharge before you go out into the world for the week.

Wednesday Evening Prayer and Bible Study – 7PM

It is important to support each other in prayer.  This weekly meeting gives you the opportunity to find out the needs in the church and to pray for them.  The pastor also gives a message to encourage you through the rest of the week.

Christmas and Easter musicals

The seasons marking the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ are times for celebration! These musicals visit the life of Christ in drama and song and apply His life, death, and resurrection to the challenges that we face today.